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Promotional, Informative, or Personal

Clipper Card Ad

Promoting all-in-one Transit Card.

Logo Animation

Bring your Logo to Life.

Webcast Promotion

Driving Sales through Video Marketing..

Red Hot Bot Spot Episode

Spoof on Animated Explainer Videos.

Business Promotion

Motion Graphics using Clipart.

Wheeley Bird

Character Design and Animation.​​

Red Hot Bot Spot Episode

Spoof on Animated Explainer Videos.

Product Introduction

Animated Product Promotion

Animated Holiday Card

Save a tree, go digital this Season.

Animated Fish

Segment for Animated Shortfilm.

Animated Service Marketing

Marketing Video for App Coding Services.

Animated Opening Sequence

Title Sequence.​​

Stick Figure Compilation

Sample reel for Animated Stick Figures.

Animated Travel Ad

Animated Design Elements.​​

AVEDA Institute Promotion

Animated Stills for TV Ad.

Smart Device Promo

Live action and 2D animation.​​

Animated Logo

3D and 2D Animation.

Logo Animation

3D and 2D Animation, Sound Effects.

Shell Ski Ad

Animated Photos and Graphics.

Promotional Video for Start-Up

Animated Photos and Graphics.

New Years Animation 

Animated Still Images.​​

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Early Motion Graphics Work.

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