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Conferences, Presentations, Celebrations

Fireside Chat with Ben Bartlett

Crypto Underground Live Event.

NEC Alumni Panel

Original Live Stream, Edited.

Panel and Presentations

Single Camera Coverage.


Studies on Particle Physics - STEM Away.

EB5 Conference Sample

Excerpt from Corporate Workshop.

Memorial Service

3-camera Setup.

Keynote at GetSET (excerpt)

Motivational Speeches and Presentations.

STAMD Dance Recital

Annual Dance Showcase.

Great Reno Balloon Race 2015

Highlighting Hot Air Balloon Event.


Digital Sales World, San Francisco 2018

California Education Partners

Event Recap

Women of Courage Panel

Girls in Government, Leadership & Service​

PGConnect Keynote

Refereum at PGConnect, San Francisco


Book Introduction.

Conference Recap

Highlights with Interviews.

CALLI Summer Summit

Panel coverage at Stanford, CA

HR Innovators (excerpt)

Panel coverage at Udemy, SF

CALLI Summer Summit

Conference Highlights.

Day of Shecurity

Conference Recap.

Art Show Opening 

Event coverage with Interviews.

Chem-E-Car Competition®

International Contest Summary.

Memorial Service

2-Camera Setup, Live Broadcast.

Communicus at CRC 2016

Presentation edited with slides.

Hal Varian's 70's BD Party

Highlights from Birthday Event at Google

Duane Morris Panel Discussion

Dual Camera Setup.

Day of Shecurity - 30 Sec Recap

Conference Highlights.

School Fundraiser Celebration

Highlighting Elementary School Fall Fest.

Presentation Sample

Investment Banking and Exit Practices.

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