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Book Promotion

For Social Media.

Courseware Overview

Corporate Look.


Two camera setup.

Interview Samples, UC Press

Discussion on recent book release.


STEM Professionals and Students.


STEM Professionals and Students.


Highlighting STEMCast discussion.

Law Firm Intro

For website promotion.

Testimonial Segment

Hospitality Industry.

Interview Samples

Insurance Professionals on Legal Cannabis.

Congratulatory Speech

Award Reception at AdFest, Cannes.

Green Screen Sample

Expo Announcement.


Fireside Chat with STEM Professionals.

Courseware Overview

Corporate Look.

New Book Publication

Fireside Chat

IBI - Student Voices

Student Talk, Investment Banking Institute.

Public Service Announcement

Teleprompter Sample.

Business Promotion

Consulting Services.

Law Office Vlog

Excerpt from Vlog series.

Case Study

Aurelian Coaching.

Law Office FAQs Video Sample

For Websites and Social Media.


Doctors Discussing Naturopathic Medicine.

Summit Interviews

Interview Series with Conference Speakers.


STEM Professionals in discussion.

The Importance of Video

Part of Product Promotion.

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