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Narrative and Experimental Work

Atmospheric Motion

Study of the Rising Moon during Daytime.

Happy Planters

Product Presentation.

EBX-2087 Directed by Jon Wai-keung Lowe

Cinematography: Ilja Sarro.

How-To Video On The Go.

Quick demo video during conference.

ISDesigns Promo Trial 2009

Self promotion concept video.

Double Me (low res)

Simple Edit Special FX.


Scenes from the Backyard.

Star Trails

The Sky In Motion.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Promoting Sponsors.

Underwater Study

Shot for a Startup Promo Video.

Shortfilm Trailer

Edited Excerpts from Finished Film.

Giant Millipede

Insect Study.

Action Cam Sample



Slow Motion Study of a Feline.

Travel Highlights

Action Cam Assembly.

Fabrication/Installation Opus

Fabrication Artfilm.

Wind Dance

A Study of Green Energy.

Experimental Short

Man controls Machine controls Man

Of Caterpillars and Spiders

Backyard Wildlife.​

Shortfilm Trailer

Edited Excerpts from Finished Film.

TimeLapse Slider Sample

Study of dual axis slider time lapse.

Strictly Birdland

Backyard Videography.

SloMo Action Cat

Slow Motion Study of a Feline.

How We Did It

In Camera Effects with one Prototype.

The Year of The Ram

Impressions of Chinese New Year Parade.

A Clockwork Ocean

60 Second Abstract Pendulum Clock.​

Video Scribe

ISDesigns Promotion.

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