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Promotional or Personal. Always Professional

A Day in San Francisco

Scenes from a Regular Day in SF.

The Busy San Francisco Bay - 4K

View from Grizzly Peak Blvd.

Train Station

Busy Transit.

Sunset Rodeo

Clouds Bursting with Energy after Rain.​

Of Sailboats and Cargo Ships

A Day of Labor and Leisure.

A California Post-Holiday Collage

Of Setting Suns and Rising Moons.

Blooming Ice Plants

Spring is Here Again.​​

Crimson Skies

As the Lights Come On.​

Point Isabel Dog Park

Slider Sample.​

Fog Patterns on the Bay - 4K

Above the Fog at Sunset.

Star Trails 

Backyard Photography.

Full Moon

Smoothly Passing Behind Trees.

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