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"ISDesigns was born out of my passion for visual stories.

At the age of sixteen I spent my first paycheck on a VHS camcorder, which was probably the trail marker event, which later set my career on its path. 

Prior to launching ISDesigns, I was frequently involved in the local independent filmmaking community, doing sound and camera work, as well as story development.

At the time I was working in bronze castings and metal fabrications, and I often carried sketch

books full of concepts, illustrations and amazing doodles with me.

My career in bronze sculpture and fine art took me on my journey from Germany to California.

In Berkeley, I wanted to take my passion to the next level, and trained to become a professional digital filmmaker and multimedia artist.

My early work was influenced by my admiration for 'Noire' filmmaking of the 1940s and the early works of French filmmaker Michel Gondry. I since earned credit as cinematographer for short films and features, and was part of an award-winning team as cinematographer for a locally produced documentary short film. I also earned credit on the Academy Award nominated documentary "Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers."


With growing portfolio and equipment lists, I was finally able to pursue my dream in combining personal storytelling with professional outreach to the public. Noticing the up-shift in the video trend for local businesses, I started the foundation for ISDesigns in 2006.


Today, ISDesigns has evolved to serve a world-wide clientele. Our brand means quality to customers in Europe, Canada, India, China, Brazil and across the continental U.S.

From corporate sectors to small businesses and start-ups, and individuals."


Ilja Sarro

Founder and Media Producer at ISDesigns Studio

ISDesigns Studio

Imagine Your Creation


Ilja Sarro, ISDesigns


ISDesigns is a professional Media Production Service,

specializing in unique, hand-crafted marketing media for businesses and individuals in the greater

San Francisco Bay Area, California, and beyond.


Here's how we began...


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