ISDesigns creates uniquely crafted media products, designed
to serve your specific requirements.
We don't apply cookie cutter formats to any of our productions.
Flat rates could potentially cost you more than necessary.
Instead, we take the time to look closely at your desired goals, your audience, and the scale of the production, in order to estimate an informed and accurate quote for your project.

Note: We do not offer physical studio space for productions. If your project requires studio space please let us know so we can incorporate local rental options into a custom quote.
Pre- and post-production cost, as well as graphics work are estimated and billed based on a $70 per hour rate.
Our bare bones half-day production package rate is $500.00. This gets the quick and basic production job done.
  • One 4K camera package with tripod
  • One wireless lavaliere mic
  • One shooter
  • Natural or existing lighting
  • Up to 4  hours on site. Additional time billed hourly ($75/hour)
  • Raw footage delivered via cloud services

Full-day rates start at $800.00 for fully equipped, mobile productions.This package includes everything offered in our bare bones rate with these additional items:
  • One 3-point LED lighting kit
  • 4 additional hours on site, making it a full 8hr day. Additional time billed hourly ($75/hour).

Please contact us for custom quotes if you need post-production services, including green screen editing and motion graphics, or additional equipment, such as:
  •  Multiple cameras
  • Teleprompter
  • Electronic stabilizer

  • Additional lighting setups
  • Additional audio setups
  • Backdrops, including floor to ceiling green screen setups
  • Zoom setups for remote directing
     ...and more

Note: Additional rates/fees for crew, location, rentals, and external services, postage, data carriers and mileage may apply to some productions.
Did we miss anything? 
Contact us for custom quotes.

Ilja Sarro Designs offers complete professional video and multimedia productions in Berkeley and the bay Area